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Planning the perfect fundraising event for your school can be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. From classic cake stalls to innovative games, the options are endless. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of stall ideas to take your school fete to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned planner looking for fresh inspiration or a first-timer trying to figure out where to start, we’ve got something for you. Read on to discover some fantastic ideas that will not only entertain but also raise valuable funds for your school.

1. Teachers dunk tank

Teachers dunk tank

The premise is simple yet irresistibly fun. For a small fee, students and parents can try to hit a target with a ball to dunk a willing teacher into a tank of water. Consider offering bulk pricing options for multiple throws, such as $1 for one throw or $5 for six. Keep the line moving and the crowd engaged by rotating teachers every 30 minutes and featuring “star” teachers during peak times.

The teacher dunk tank is not just a crowd-pleaser, but also an excellent opportunity for community building and boosting your fundraiser’s overall success.

2. Art auction

Leading up to the event, students can participate in special art classes or workshops to create various pieces like paintings, drawings, or sculptures. This can be organised with the help of art teachers to ensure high-quality work. The completed artworks are then displayed in a gallery-like setup during the fete, attracting bids from parents and community members. Silent or live auctions can be utilised to generate excitement and drive up bids. To amplify fundraising efforts, consider a ‘Buy It Now’ option.

This event not only adds a revenue stream to your fete but also cultivates student creativity, bolsters their confidence, and offers a meaningful way for the community to support the school and the arts.

3. Bake sale

Parents, teachers, and students can contribute an assortment of baked goods like cakes, cookies, and muffins. To ensure variety and prevent duplication, organise a list of who is bringing what well in advance. The children can get involved by helping decorate or even bake the cakes, making it a fun and educational experience for them. By offering options for all tastes, including potentially gluten-free or vegan baked goods, you ensure that the cake stall and bake sale attract a wide audience.

The sweet treats are not just revenue drivers but also serve as a social hub at the fete, encouraging attendees to linger, socialise, and partake in other fundraising activities.

4. Bouncy castle ride

Bouncy Castle

Incorporating bouncy castle rides into your school fete fundraiser can add an exciting, dynamic element that will not only attract families but also keep children entertained for hours. Bouncy castles are a huge hit among kids of all ages, and their inclusion can serve as a major drawing card for your event. With colourful designs and different themes to choose from, you can select one that fits perfectly with the overall ambiance of your fete.

It’s a good idea to charge a nominal fee for a certain amount of bounce time to generate additional revenue for your school fete. You could also offer multi-ride passes for families with more than one child. Parents will appreciate the chance to let their kids burn off some energy, and children get to enjoy a memorable, joy-filled activity.

5. Book swap

Participants bring in gently used books they’ve finished reading and, for a nominal fee, can swap them for something new to read. This simple yet ingenious idea creates a communal pool of literature for everyone to delve into. You can organise the books by age group, genre, or reading level to make it easier for participants to find something they’re interested in. For added inclusivity, consider also featuring a section for comic books, magazines, or even educational materials.

Any books left over at the end of the event can be sold separately at a discounted rate, or they can be donated to local libraries or charities. Either way, the proceeds from the small swapping fee and any extra book sales can go directly back to the school, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

6. Toy stall

Parents can donate gently-used toys that their children have outgrown, offering a second life to items that might otherwise gather dust or end up in a landfill. You can categorise toys by age appropriateness, type, or even theme to make browsing easier for attendees. Not only does this offer affordable options for parents looking to entertain their kids, but it also promotes sustainability and recycling within your school community.

Price the toys affordably to encourage quick sales, and consider bundling smaller items together. At the end of the fete, any leftover toys could be donated to local charities, making this a fundraiser with multiple layers of community benefits.

7. Mechanical bull

Mechanical bull

This unique attraction is bound to draw a crowd and offer an experience that’s both exhilarating and entertaining for participants and onlookers alike. Safety is paramount, so make sure to hire from a reputable company that meets all safety standards and provides a trained operator to manage the bucking bull. The bull itself is set up within an inflatable arena to cushion any falls, making it a safe option for a school event.

Charge participants a small fee to ride the bull, and consider running a competition to see who can stay on the longest, with small prizes for the winners. A mechanical bull can be a major draw that sets your fete apart from typical school fundraisers, offering a memorable experience that will have people talking and donating long after the event is over.

8. School raffle

The allure of winning a prize for a relatively small ticket price can be very enticing for attendees. To make the raffle successful, gather a range of prizes that appeal to different age groups and interests. This could range from donated items from local businesses to gift baskets made by parents or even experiences like a day at a local attraction. The more attractive the prizes, the more tickets you’re likely to sell.

Make sure to prominently display the prizes near the entrance or another high-traffic area, so people see them as soon as they arrive. Choose a time to draw the winners that coincides with peak attendance, to maximise excitement and ticket sales up until the last minute.

Selling raffle tickets can be a collaborative effort involving students, teachers, and parent volunteers. Publicise the raffle well in advance using school newsletters, social media, and word-of-mouth to drum up interest and ticket sales even before the day of the fete. A well-organised raffle can generate a lot of excitement and significantly contribute to your fundraising goals.

9. Face painting

The concept is simple but the impact is big. For a small fee, children can have their faces transformed into anything from animals and superheroes to flowers and fantasy creatures. This can be a huge draw, especially for younger attendees, and it offers great photo opportunities for parents.

Safety and hygiene are paramount, so use clean sponges and brushes for each child and have hand sanitizers readily available. An awning or a simple tent can provide much-needed shade for both the artists and the children being painted. You can also add a display board with available designs and pricing to make the process faster and more organised. Consider offering themed face painting that ties in with other activities or the overall theme of the fete, if there is one.

A face painting stall not only adds a fun, creative element to your school fete but it’s also a low-cost, high-reward activity that can contribute substantially to your fundraising efforts.

10. Outdoor movie night

By setting up a projector and a large screen, along with a quality sound system, you can charge an entrance fee to generate revenue for your school. Supplement this by selling classic movie snacks like popcorn and candy, or even extend to hot food items like burgers and hot dogs. Encourage attendees to bring their own seating like blankets and lawn chairs, or provide alternative options like bean bags.

Enhance the atmosphere with fairy lights or glow sticks, which can also be sold for additional profit. This event not only fosters community but can also be a significant fundraiser when executed well.

Find your amusement rides at Monsterball

Monsterball Team

At Monsterball, you can find all the amusement rides you need to organise a successful fundraising event. From dunk tanks to bouncy castles hire options and mechanical bulls, we have something for every age group. Browse our range and discover other great ideas for a summer fete, like inflatable water slides and obstacle courses.

All our rides are set up and supervised by professionals to ensure safety at your school fetes. Contact us today for a free quote or for help choosing the best ride for your school event!

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