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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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Sport Inflatables, Why you should hire one?

When you’re in primary school whether you like it or not sport is included in your weekly curriculum. Not only does sport help you keep physically fit, but it has so many positive emotional and mental effects too.

Sports can be individual events like athletics or team games like soccer, footy and netball to name a few. Whatever the sport is you are all working towards a common goal to get a new personal best time for running or actually to score goals to win a game. Sports can be so much fun, but we know it’s really not for everyone. We have a solution for those that don’t enjoy running around kicking a ball. We’re talking giant sporting inflatables! Such a thing most definitely exists. It puts a little spin on your average sport and takes the pressure of competition.

1. Giant Inflatable Dart Board

Have you ever enjoyed playing a quick game of darts with your friends? What if we told you we have a giant inflatable board 20 times the normal size?! You can actually kick a soccer ball to try and score points. We know it can be quite hard to hit that small target with the small darts you normally have at hand (also if you miss those things hurt!). We bring you a huge velcro scoreboard to practice your aim.

All you have to do is find your spot about 10m away and kick, kick, kick! This one is a great sport inflatable for the younger kids too because the board is velcro no matter where they kick it, it’ll stick!

This game is not about a competition (unless you choose to make it one) but rather enjoying the quirk of a giant inflatable dart board. This unit would fit right in with schools or family functions providing hours of fun for everyone, including children and adults!

inflatable sport dart monsterball


2. Inflatable Basketball Court

A huge bouncy basketball court is exactly what you need to practice your slam dunks. I mean think about it, if you aren’t able to get the vertical jump to get the ball in just yet, do it on a bouncing basketball court! It’ll give you the confidence to try it out on the court next time you play and have at the same time the best time on this sports inflatable.

You can even start a bit of a competitive mini game if you’re up for it. Jumping across the court not worrying about travelling would be a lot of fun too. Many a player has been a victim to a knee injury over the course of their social or professional sporting lives.

Basketball is in fact a high risk sport. By bouncing around you are actually lowering the impact it has on your knee but still getting your heart rate up therefore reaping the health benefits. The basketball court also allows about 8 kids on at one time so is a great unit for schools or youth groups wanting to get larger groups through. Even if you don’t want to play a game, it’s still a great unit to run and jump in for the afternoon.

perth inflatable bouncy boxing with kids


3. Boxing Ring

Are you the next Anthony Joshua? Practice your jabs, hooks and uppercuts wearing giant boxing gloves! Boxing is such a great sport for both fitness and self confidence and so much more, have a quick read to see 5 major benefits.

Our inflatable bouncy boxing ring adds a bit of fun to the table. Jump in and put those gloves on and start practicing with your best friend.

Increase your cardiovascular strength and laugh till your lungs get sore because the giant gloves will probably imbalance your form. As with any boxing match only 2 people are allowed in the ring, so the inflatable one is no different.

This unit is great for backyard birthday parties or even a bucks night for the boys. It might not be ideal for the type of events that require a high volume of people getting through, but it is certainly a good time either way.

Inflatable boxing ring


4. Bungee Joust

This Bungee Joust is a great way to practice your resistance skills. You’re strapped into a harness connected to an elastic cord. The goal is for you to beat your friend and run to the end to grab the flag.

Don’t overlook this sport, it can be quite tough especially because you will be using a whole lot of your core strength to fight the elastic. This one is also good for smaller events because only two people are allowed on at a time. It’s a really cool way to encourage kids to have some healthy competition. Sometimes going up against your best friend is just the motivation needed to kick in the need to win.

inflatable bungee joust monsterball amusemrent

Remember whilst we always encourage leading an active lifestyle, this means you must also balance it out by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Staying fit will give you a strong sense of self and you will feel great on the inside and outside. If you are interested in hiring some of these fantastic and interactive sport inflatables then give Monsterball Amusements Hire Perth, a call today (93355109) to get more information!

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