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Monsterball Amusements & Hire
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Windup season is here, whatever the sport you know it’s just around the corner. What can you do to keep this team of kids and teenagers entertained for a good few hours? It is always a tradition to organise a ‘party’ of some sort to celebrate the end of a successful (or not) season to gather the team and their families together for one last time.

1.Host a team BBQ

This one can be done in someone’s backyard to save a few bucks, get the team over and pick up some snags on the way. Hosting a bbq is a traditional right of passage for any sensible Australian. I’m sure the team will all enjoy getting together for some sausages or chicken wings and kick back and relax on a Sunday afternoon. Bonus points if the weather is warm and the host house has a pool. The kids will be having a blast swimming and eating and just relaxing with no pressure of having to score a goal! They will tire themselves out for sure and enjoy a good night’s rest. This also means you will have a peaceful sleep knowing the kids are in bed early. Having a casual bbq means you also get a chance to mingle with the fellow parents in a different setting. Hopefully you’ve managed to make a few friends out of this group which would honestly make the whole ‘going to every single game’ thing a lot more bearable. Check out some awesome ways to spice up your standard bbq recipes!

2.Hire a party bus

You never really need an excuse to throw a party, but if you do then the end of season surely is a good one! Get the fellow parents involved in this one and to think outside the box we’re suggesting that you hire a party bus! This is a fresh and interesting idea that goes above throwing a standard party. The kids or even teenagers will have an absolute blast. We’ve even found a great company that caters to underage events. Go Party Bus is a great one with a specific package for the young people. They so many options like hiring by the hour, one way to a specific spot or the return journey home. You can either drive for the whole duration or pick some stops along the way. There are so many ways to create your own itinerary. The only problem is they probably wouldn’t want the parents around for this one!

3.Hire amusements

Get permission to use your local home grounds one last time and hire some amusements for the kids. What do we mean by amusements you ask? We’re thinking giant inflatables, yes these do in fact exist and yes it is a proven fact that both kids and adults alike really enjoy this type of activity. Monsterball Amusements & Hire have a huge range to choose from and travel all over Western Australia. Check out their website for standard bouncy castles to insanely huge obstacle courses (some of these can actually be used wet too) and pick a combination. You can actually call the team up and create your very own package deal to suit your budget. If you’re planning a windup for your local soccer team then Monsterball has bubble soccer or a big inflatable soccer hut. It puts a fun spin on the game that the kids already love. There is an entire section for sport inflatables so you can take your pick. What are you waiting for?! Give them a call right now on 08 9335 5109 to secure your bounce houses.

4.Games night / Team building

When you put your kid into a team sport it’s to teach them the value of working together and creating lasting friendships. So while we’re hoping everyone understands the concept of team effort by the end of the season we thought it would be cool to throw them all in for some more team building activities off the field! It might even help them to enjoy working together in a different environment even more. There are so many things you could do like host a games night with quizes or board games or even something like laser tag or paintball! There’s a great centre called Laser Corps in Bibra Lake. They have different missions ranging from timed sessions to a deathmatch. There is something for everyone to enjoy, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if the mums or dads wanted to join in on the fun. Check out the deals page for great rates on group bookings! There are also many venues in different suburbs around Perth so not to worry North / East siders we weren’t leaving you out. There is a huge battlefield in the Swan Valley too! Visit their website to get more information and book it in.


Picnics are always a good time. It’s great to throw a blanket down and have each family bring their own meal to share. This way you will get a variety of dishes to satisfy every food craving. You can even allocate each parent to bring something specific so you know it won’t be doubled up. All you have to do is find a central location for the whole team and send out the invites! We found this great list of 15 top picnic spots in Perth, give it a read to see if any of them are near you. This is a cost effective and relaxing way to end the season, it just requires one last effort from the whole team (including parents and guardians) to take charge with the planning and organising of food and drinks. We would also suggest bringing a soccer ball, cricket set or footy for the kids to have a play before and after lunch. Happy end of season.

We hope this gave you a little inspiration on what to do for your child’s windup. We know it can be a daunting task trying to organise the whole thing for an often large group. There are plenty of things to do around Perth, all you have to do is your research to find the best deals in town!


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