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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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A birthday is always an exciting celebration for a child.

They often wait for this moment all year round. If you are thinking of hosting the birthday in your backyard or local park and are thinking about what kind of activities to organise, why not add in a bouncy castle?

If you’re not too sure about this idea, keep reading because we’ve come up with five reasons why this would be a great addition to any party!


If you want to keep the kids entertained for hours, have a serious think about hiring a bouncy castle! It is such a novelty in their eyes, they won’t want to leave it alone all day long.

Plenty of companies offer competitive all-day rates so you can enjoy the castle for hours on end. Inflatable fun is still something unique and kids don’t get tired (or they won’t admit they’re tired anyway). Let them bounce all day long, doing flips and running through obstacles and going down slides.

As a parent, your child’s safety is naturally the most important thing so no one will be judging you if you think it’s necessary to give the bouncy castle a ‘test run’ first! Speaking about safety though, that is better than a large inflatable bouncy castle house? Depending on the age group of the kids you can get open or fully enclosed ones so there is no fear of them falling out.


Bouncy castles are not the only inflatables in town so take it up a notch and get an inflatable obstacle course – this is interactive and contributes to keeping the kids fit and healthy.

They won’t get tired of running through the pop up inflatables and racing their friends. It is also a great way for them to challenge their motor skills and develop confidence.

The obstacles can be a little challenging for the young ones, but the smile of satisfaction when they are able to climb to the top says it all. Their little minds barely understand what it means to be proud of themselves, but you can see it in their eyes.


At this point we are hoping we’ve got you considering hiring an inflatable at the very least? If you are open to different options and seeing what’s out there you can definitely find a product that suits your budget, from a standard bouncer to massive 60m obstacle courses. You name it, it probably already exists. There are even fantastic water slides which are great for the Western Australian heat. The Perth summers can be scorchers and throwing water into the mix for our children of the sun cannot go wrong. Whether your child is a winter or summer baby we have something that will suit every season!


A variety of sizes for all backyards and available space definitely exists. Whatever age your child is there is a bouncy castle out there to suit you. Things like gaming consoles that kids love to play on, usually occupy a maximum of 4 kids at a time (if the game allows it), if you compare this activity to that of an inflatable or bouncy castle you will keep a much larger number of kids occupied. That’s why we would suggest hiring on for your child’s next birthday party. They can invite all their friends over and you don’t have to worry too much about providing enough things to do for the duration of the party.


Have you ever thought about getting more than one item? You could end up saving money or grabbing a fantastic deal! Why should you think about a package? If you can increase your budget or are looking for many activities for the birthday party, looking into a

package deal is a good start. If one item is being delivered to you, it might not cost that much more to add a second one into the vehicle. If the party is going to be big with many kids attending, it could be beneficial to get another unit to keep them occupied. Monsterball Amusements & Hire offer amazing package deals on two or more units. Give them a call on 9335 5109 and talk about your budget, your kids age group, the space available and they will do their best to recommend a package that suits your specific needs.

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