7 reasons on why you should hire a bouncy castle.

Large Bouncy Castle In Field
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A bouncy castle is an enclosed inflatable playground, also known as an inflatable castle, bounce house or bouncy house, as well as many other names around the world. First invented back in 1959, this fun addition to your party, or even just to your yard, has been a big part of many fond childhood memories ever since. Our bouncy castle hire is on hand to provide more of these great times. Here are 7 reasons to hire a bouncy castle for your next event.

It’s relatively safe

A bouncy castle is way safer than other types of playground. When someone steps into it, they can bounce around as they please; hence the name. The risks are similar to those of a trampoline, but reduced. Injuries usually occur from improper setup, adverse weather conditions, poor supervision or lack of adherence to the rules — elements which can be easily avoided if the castle is used in the right way. Deploying crash mats around the bouncy castle serves to increase the level of safety.

It’s durable

It’s important to distinguish between a recreational and a commercial inflatable. Buying recreational bouncy houses, slides and castles and then using these inflatables for commercial purposes can lead to injury when the item is overloaded. This is why purchasing from the team here at MonsterBall, is such a good idea. Not only are our commercial inflatables designed specifically for larger scale use, but all of our pieces are constructed with full safety compliance in mind. This means that we conduct proper testing and examination before we provide our products to the public.

Anyone can enjoy it

Of course, children love a bouncy castle, who wouldn’t? But believe it or not, many adults enjoy inflatables as well. Inflatables provide a great and fun way to bring people together for corporate, school and community events. Here are some types of inflatables you can hire:

Kids in Bouncy Castle Tube
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There are also combinations available. For example, a slide and bouncy castle, or even up to 4 components together. There are also bouncy castles designed specifically for toddlers.

They have themes

The castle is the classic theme since that many children enjoy. However, you are not limited to this choice. We understand that different themes matter for different preferences and event settings, so there are several to choose from. Sports, cartoon characters, and movie characters are available in different colour schemes and sizes.

Bouncy Castles Event in Perth
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They do double-duty for children and adults

If you want your event to cater to both kids and adults, a bouncy castle is the way to go. It is immediately appealing to children, who will tend to exhaust themselves from all that exercise, but adults will have a great time too.

Children get to socialise 

Kids Socialising in Bouncy Castle
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Both solo and group playtime are important for children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Group playtime is crucial for socialisation so that children can interact, make friends and resolve conflicts. A bouncy castle is a perfect setup for this.

They are affordable

Believe it or not, a bouncy castle is incredibly cost effective. You can hire one for several hours at a relatively low price.

Hiring a bouncy castle is a great choice for children, adults, or both. You can hire a castle of any size, from compact to giant, and choose from various themes. With its high safety, durability, affordability and wide appeal, it is flexible for a variety of events.

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