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There’s something truly special about being a kid. The world can hold so much magic and wonder for young and curious minds that it only makes perfect sense to make their special years as delightful and as memorable for them as possible. One way to do this is to hold children’s parties for them and their friends. These parties are sure to create countless joyful memories not just for your child, but also for all the guests who will come to attend it.

Throwing a party by yourself is always an option. But these things take a lot of time and have to be done under very tight deadlines. Rather than doing it alone, an easier, faster, and sometimes cheaper way to throw a kid’s party would be getting the services of a business that can help with some of your kids party hire needs, like Monsterball.

Here are a few exciting tips for throwing a great party, as well as for finding the right kids’ party hire suppliers to help you add that little touch of magic to your child’s best day ever.

  1. Find fun entertainers
    The inflatable’s size determines how much space it will take up in your party venue, as well as the number of guests it can accommodate at any given time. Choose one that is big enough to entertain several guests, but small enough to fit your venue’s size constraints.
  2. Think of a theme your child enjoys
    Superheroes, princesses, astronauts, and other child-friendly themes that your kid enjoys can be a great anchor to base the party on. A unified theme can make the party even more special and memorable, and allow it to be more wonderful and magical than it otherwise might be. Using a theme your child loves can also show them that you truly value them.
  3. It doesn’t just have to be birthdays
    Other milestones in your child’s life can also be celebrated. Getting out of the hospital, finishing kindergarten, or even getting a new puppy are all reasons parents have had to throw a party for their children. Listen to your child and find out what is important to them so you may have an idea if throwing a kid’s party may be something they would appreciate.
  4. Hire bouncy castles and other inflatable amusement equipment
    Bouncy castles and other inflatables can serve as a fun focal point for a kid’s party. Monsterball has a wide range of bouncy castles and other inflatable amusement equipment that come in a variety of themes and designs. You might just find that one of these themed inflatables available from our inventory is something that lines up with what your kid loves. Another perk of having a big bouncy castle or inflatable on site is that it makes it easier for your party guests to find your house.
  5. Think of children’s games and music
    Fun children’s games are a great way to help kids bond with each other. Music will also help keep things rolling along and help signal when the games are about to start. There is a lot of affordable and even free children’s music to be found online that will be great for keeping things moving along.
    Make sure there’s enough food, beverages, and seats for everyone
    This is often the biggest challenge in preparing any children’s party by yourself since many homes don’t typically have that many chairs and tables, and preparing a lot of food and drinks can be a process that takes up an entire day or more—not to mention you will have to store that food overnight or make it early in the morning just before the party. Try to do some planning at least a couple of weeks in advance, and have some friends and family pitch in for a bonding experience that goes beyond your child’s party.
  6. Remember to have fun!
    Parties are supposed to be fun. Organising them can be stressful, but if you’re not careful, that stress can become apparent in the preparations and the party itself, which you don’t want to happen. And you don’t want your kid to feel that they are being somewhat of a burden. Remember that this is about your love for your child, and about creating wonderful memories for all involved— yourself included!

The Easy Way to Throw a Great Kid’s Birthday Party

Hosting a kid’s party is about fun, whimsy, and great memories. With our busy lifestyles, being involved hands-on is not always easy, but service providers like Monsterball can work closely with you and bring you and your child’s vision to fruition. In many cases, getting help from professional amusement and party hire companies may even make party planning faster, simpler, and cheaper than doing it all yourself.

Be sure to check these other useful guides from Monsterball for throwing the best parties for children and folks of all ages:


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