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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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Interested in bouncy castle hire but have a few questions? We’ve got you covered.

What size bouncy castle do I need?

The size depends on how large your event is, what age/weight the participants are and your personal preferences. Small bouncy castles usually have a capacity of 6 children, whereas large jumping castles are appropriate for up to 14 children at a time. For more information, get in touch with Monsterball and we can advise the right size for your needs.

How much is it to rent a bouncy castle?

Bouncy castle prices vary depending on the type you are hiring. For an accurate quote, please get in touch with Monsterball today.

How long does it take to inflate a bouncy castle?

On average, bouncy castles take 10 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack down. Of course, larger bouncy castles may take longer.

Can bouncy castles go on concrete?

Monsterball can set up inflatables on concrete, bitumen or other hard surfaces with sandbags or water drums to secure them in place. Keep in mind that grassy areas where pegs can be used are more ideal for safe and secure inflatable set up.

How to secure a bouncy castle indoors?

Bouncy castles can be set up indoors with sandbags to secure them. Please check the height of the ceiling before booking a bouncy castle for indoor events.

Can a bouncy castle go on a slope?

Inflatables need to be set up on a flat, level surface. Depending on the type of surface, inflatables will be secured with pegs, sandbags or water drums.

Are bouncy castles safe?

Yes, bouncy castles are safe. However, it is important that they are set up properly and that all guidelines are followed. At Monsterball, we ensure all our equipment is set up safely and securely. Should we require anything for safe set up, such as adequate space, we will advise you beforehand. Children should be supervised at all times by an adult or a staff member of Monsterball.

Are bouncy castles safe in hot weather? / Are bouncy castles safe in heat?

Your safety is our top priority. Our bouncy castles use a continuous flow of air to stay inflated which allows hot air to escape and prevents any risk of explosion. Jumping castles are safe to use in most temperatures but if there is any risk, our staff will notify you. We advise all users wear socks, shorts and t-shirts as the material can get very warm to touch when exposed to harsh sun.

Can bouncy castles be used in the rain?

Some inflatable units can be operated in the rain. However, if Monsterball staff feel that it is unsafe to be operating, they will have to be shut down. If the weather is looking bad 24 hours prior to your event, we give the opportunity to cancel your booking with us.

Do I need insurance to rent out bouncy castles?

Always ensure the bouncy castle hire company you choose is insured. Monsterball holds a $20M Public Liability and we always make sure the equipment is set up and run correctly.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
No stress. Simply get in touch with Monsterball with all your bouncy castle hire questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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