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https://www.gopartybus.com.au/Are you looking to see what bucks party ideas Perth has to offer? We’ve got your back. While bucks parties are known for getting wild, they’re also a great opportunity to spend some time celebrating with your friends and ticking off a list of things you always wanted to try.

Whether it’s a laid back day cruising on a private boat, an adrenaline pumping outdoor adventure, or a night spent out on the town, there are many ways you can make some great memories with your mates before the big day. Check out these bucks party ideas Perth has in store for you.

Head Down South

One of the best things about living in WA is the ease of access to nature. Take a few days off with your best mates and go on a road trip down south (or north!). There are plenty of attractions to stop by along the way to Yallingup, Margaret River, Dunsborough, or any other towns.

The clear waters are perfect for snorkelling – you could even dive to the HMAS Swan wreck if you’re feeling up for an adventure. On another day, you could hop into a charter boat and catch the whales in Geographe Bay. Or trek up Cape Naturaliste to take in a stunning view atop the lighthouse. Drop into local markets for some fresh produce to pair with any drinks you pick up at a winery or brewery on the way back.

Boat Cruise

Enjoy a beautiful day out on the river or ocean with a private and fully catered boat cruise. There’s nothing better than casting off on your own private boat for the day, with food, friends and of course plenty of drinks.

Whether you’re cruising around between river banks or dropping anchor at sea, there’s always plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy. Swimming, fishing and games are all great options for activities to do. Bringing along some inflatable donuts can be a lot of fun and are great for floating around as a group or for pulling along behind the boat.

Zorb Balls

Rolling around in a giant inflated zorb ball is an experience everyone should try at least once. Jump into one of the transparent three metre balls and enjoy the fun of rolling the ball around by running (and falling) inside.

The zorb balls come with their own arena enclosure for up to four balls at a time and can also be used while floating on water. Your friends will love the novelty of rolling around and bouncing into each other with this fun activity, especially after a few drinks.

White Water Rafting

One of the best bucks party ideas Perth can offer is found in the great outdoors – why not have an exciting day of white water rafting? This is one for the thrill-seeking types, those who would love getting their adrenaline pumping will enjoy their battle against the river rapids to navigate a shared raft downstream.

While more suited to the energetic type, this activity is a great option for a close group of friends to bond while working together as a team. Booking a guide to go with you can help with raft set up, direct your route, and make sure no one gets lost.

Sumo Suits

Hiring a fun sumo suit game for the afternoon can be the perfect addition to a backyard party or barbecue. Players start by putting on the padded sumo suits which reduces their ability to move.

Once the suits are on, players make their way to the large padded mat, where they battle it out in a one-on-one contest to push each other out of the centre. The sumo suits are a hilarious way to settle any rivalries and are also entertaining to watch.

VIP Night Out

Planning a big night out on the town can be a good way to celebrate your bucks’ party without having to worry. Starting at a nearby restaurant is a good idea, and with plenty of great choices in Perth, you’ll be hard pressed not to find a good option. Once everyone has finished eating you can make your way out to the bars, pubs and clubs.

Pre-arranging to have your own VIP areas at the locations you visit can take the hassle out of the night and let you enjoy yourselves without having to line-up and wait. Some venues may also offer hire of a private bartender and area for the night. With close access to nearby bars and clubs, you can spend the night drinking, dancing and enjoying yourself with your friends.

Party Bus

Booking a party bus is one of the top bucks party ideas Perth lads tend to choose. It can be a great way to go out on the town and not have to worry about getting around. It beats walking and will take you from place to place much quicker. You can also keep the party going while aboard with music, party lights, and plenty of drinks.

Your bucks group will love being able to stay together in one vehicle, rather than getting split up. Plus, it will keep the group from getting into too much trouble while having a great time. With the brightly coloured lights and music, the party bus will turn heads all night long.

Visit the Casino

Visiting the casino can be a great idea and isn’t as expensive as many people might think. With some limits in place, everyone can enjoy playing the games. You can organise an entertaining group lesson on how to play beforehand, then go out on the floor to put your new skills to the test. Not everyone has to gamble either, as many group members will be content to kick back with a drink and watch their friends play.

Casinos are among the top bucks party ideas Perth has to offer as there’s something for everyone. Crown Casino in Perth boasts restaurants, a sports bar, and a night club. They also stay open all night and into the morning, making them a good place for a big night.

Check into a Hotel

If you’re interested in having a bit more privacy for your night, why not book a hotel room for your bucks’ party? You can plan a whole night in and around the hotel and the best part is you won’t have to worry about getting home.

Depending on your style, you can organise any type of night, from movies and room service to drinking and games. Many hotels have their own lobby bars and swimming pools, making them a great place to visit with friends. If you’re in the mood to gamble but prefer to play with friends, you can also hire a blackjack or poker dealer to deal games in your room for the night.

Jet Ski

Ever considered riding a Yamaha VX jet ski as one of the bucks party ideas Perth can offer? Purchase an experience voucher and ride across clear waters on a sunny day, making your way around Garden Island and Cockburn Sound to spot native wildlife and idyllic vistas . Included in your package is a 1.5 hour jet ski tour, a lifejacket, marine life spotting, a knowledgeable guide, and safety briefing and training. Your experienced guide will make sure you are travelling around safely while taking you to the best spots to spot sea lions, dolphins, or pelicans.

Looking for more fun activities and attractions? Contact Monsterball today. We offer a wide range of amusements for hire, and can make sure your bucks’ party is one to remember.

Backyard Bull Ride Off

What’s better than having just one bucking bull machine to ride on? The bucking bull ‘ride off’ system makes this attraction even more fun with the added competition of staying on longer than your friend next to you.

This attraction is a great way to settle differences in the spirit of friendly competition. Players can time how long they stay on and make a leaderboard to see who’s the best cowboy by the end of the night. The bull machines have both spin and bucking motions, making staying on harder than it looks. Luckily both bulls are surrounded by a large inflated ring, making sliding off completely safe.

On the hunt for even more fun activities and attractions? Contact our team at Monsterball today. We offer a wide range of amusements for hire, and can make sure your bucks’ party is one to remember.

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