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It’s time to get colourful! Whether you’re looking to organise a fun run for school, or even just as a charity event, this article has a number of fun colour run obstacle course ideas you could use for yours. 

What is a colour run?

You may have guessed by the name that a colour run is all about colour! Essentially it’s a fun run where you get covered in colours. To begin with, everyone starts with a white t-shirt, and by the end they’ll have an assortment of colours all over it. Typically the event is designed as a charity event, and as a way to keep kids entertained. 

1. Inflatable obstacle course

Any kind of fun run needs a decent inflatable obstacle course. Take our DNA Challenge for instance, it has a number of obstacles to avoid and climb over and comes in a modular so you can customise it. If the day is getting too hot, hose down the obstacle course to keep runners cool. The slippery surface will make the challenge even more fun! 

2. Car tyres 

They’re a simple and cheap way to add another obstacle to your run. Line them up, stagger them or even arrange them into a wavy shape. The point is to lay them flat and get the runners to step and jump through each tyre. If you can’t get hold of any tires, pool rings will do the trick. Just keep in mind that they are more fragile and guaranteed to burst by the end of the day. 

3. Crawling tunnel

Time to make the participants work hard! Get them crawling through a tunnel. This is a great workout and can really push the body during a colour run. For an extra challenge fill the tunnel up with slime or paint to make it extra slippery. 

4. Climbing wall

Now begins a good test of endurance for the participants… The inflatable climbing wall! This is guaranteed to be a good laugh for everyone involved, and even more so, a good test of endurance. We have a few climbing activities in our product range and some can even be attached to larger obstacle courses! 

climbing wall

5. Slip N Slide 

Now for something that’s a classic, try our inflatable Slip N Slide! Inflatable water slides are the perfect ending to any colour run, building momentum and speed to get down the slide as fast as possible to get across that finish line in record speed! Even if it’s a non-compete fun run, it’s still great for the kids and participants to try and beat their personal records. 

Slip N Slide

6. Paint powder 

What’s a colour run without colour? Be sure to bring a lot of colour powder to the event, and don’t hold back when throwing it at the runners, everyone should be multicoloured from head to toes. 

7. For the younglings 

School events are going to have a lot of young and small kids who perhaps don’t want to take on the larger obstacle courses. This is why you should split up the race into different sections and have shorter courses for the younger kids. 

8. Slime pit and foam cannon

Time to get icky and gooey! Get the participants to crawl through the slime station under a low net, kind of like at boot camp but without the mud. Everyone will be slipping and sliding all over the place, and making a big mess! 

Why not up the messiness of the colour run? Bring out the big guns, or rather the foam cannon! They work like a gigantic bubble blower, blasting out a bubbly foam all over everyone. 

Hire your colour fun run obstacle courses with us!

If you’re truly looking to get a colour frenzy going then get in touch with us! We have a range of obstacle courses, and inflatable slides for hire, as well as some other activities for everyone to have fun with! Make your colour run an unforgettable childhood memory!

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