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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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Renting a dunk tank can be a fantastic addition to any event, offering both entertainment and a unique way to raise funds or simply add fun. When considering the rental of a dunk tank, one of the first questions that comes to mind is the cost. The price of renting a dunk tank varies based on several factors, and understanding these can help in budgeting and planning.

Basic rental costs

The basic rental cost for a dunk tank is $550 + GST for a 3-hour hire. While for full-day rates we ask that you please contact us. The overall price is influenced by several factors including location, duration of the rental, and seasonality.

Location: The distance from our headquarters to your event location can influence the cost. There is currently no delivery fee if your site is within a 30 km radius of Fremantle.

Rental duration: The length of time you need the dunk tank can significantly impact the cost. While most rentals are for 3 hours, longer events or multi-day rentals can receive a discounted rate for extended usage.

Seasonality: The time of year can impact rental costs. Summer months and weekends, being peak times for outdoor events, might see higher rates due to increased demand. Booking your dunk tank in advance could lead to cost savings.

What’s included in the rental

dunk tank hire

When renting a dunk tank, it’s crucial to understand what’s typically included in the package. At Monsterball, you can expect the following included with your dunk tank rental at no extra cost:

  • Set up and take down
  • Balls for target-hitting
  • And of course the dunk tank itself

While the renter is generally responsible for providing water, we can also offer to fill the tank for an additional fee. We can also provide a trained supervisor for $70 + GST per hour.

Safety & space considerations

When planning to include a dunk tank in your event, it’s essential to give due consideration to safety and space requirements. These factors are crucial not only for the smooth operation of the dunk tank but also to ensure the well-being of participants and attendees.

Stable ground surface: The dunk tank must be set up on a level, stable surface to prevent any tipping or shifting during use. Areas that are uneven or have loose soil are not suitable.

Clear area around the tank: There should be sufficient clear space around the dunk tank to ensure safe access for participants and to prevent any accidents with bystanders. This area also facilitates the operator’s monitoring.

Access for setup: Consider the access route to your event space. The dunk tank needs to be transported to the setup area, which might require a sizable clearance.

Water source and drainage: Proximity to a water source for filling the dunk tank is key, however, we can fill it up for an additional fee. Moreover, consider where the water will drain after the event. Ensure it won’t cause flooding or damage.

Get your dunk tank at Monsterball

Whether you’re organising a community fundraiser or a corporate event, we offer affordable dunk tank hire to all of Perth. Choose a fun water-based activity to keep your guests cool this summer!

At Monsterball, you can also find inflatable water slides, bouncy castles, and more amusement hire to make your event an unforgettable experience. Call us today at (08) 9335 5109 to get a quote or enquire through our website. Our friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions!

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