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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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What is a jumping castle?

A jumping castle is also known as an inflatable castle. Sometimes this is referred to as a bouncy castle by most people.

To hire jumping castles is unbelievably the best and amazing choice to make to add more engagement, fun and excitement in any kids’ party and festival!

Once you avail a jumping castle, kids can now express their energy with so much fun. They can easily jump along and play for hours on end in a safe and controlled environment.

Even for how big the installment is, you can easily keep these bouncy castles in your backyard or the park for occasions such as a birthday party or any other festive event so your kids can have a lot of excitement, playtime with their peers and endless fun!

Parents can just relax and easily enjoy watching their kids with satisfaction. You can have such a grand time with your kids while their safety is ensured with jumping castle hire.

Once you’ve thought of it, you can now ensure the quality of the bouncy castles you like. Considering the manufacturers of the bouncy castles to see if they’ve followed specific safety guidelines and rules of bouncy castles.

Manufacturers should be able to use the right, durable materials to keep the inflatable castle safe and long-lasting.

In case the material is not strong, there’s a high chance that the bouncy castle can easily tear off and puncture which can cause a huge injury to your children.

Other low-quality bouncy castles may earn kids some bruises, or even rashes. At worst, they may experience an unfortunate event through fracturing their bones if they fall just over the edge of the jumping castle without a safety barrier.

So, before you hire jumping castles, you need to make sure to hire quality bouncy castles made of great material that is truly certified and approved.

Once it’s available, you can make a rundown check on the installation to make sure that it doesn’t have any slits and rips and free of torn. For safety reasons after the entire event, you can ask the manufacturer how to safely remove the castle.

Top 4 reasons to hire a quality jumping castle

Gifting your children jumping castles just completes their childhood experience! You can allow your children to enjoy endless fun just from jumping with joy on these castles! Here we lay out all the top reasons to hire a jumping castle:

  1. Jumping castles are healthy for kids
    Kids need to express their bottomless energy through safe physical activities. Inflatable jumping castles can let kids do just that. Improving their coordination skills.
  2. Jumping castles allow kids to socialise
    Jumping castles allow multiple kids in to play all at the same time. So this makes things super fun for kids to interact with their peers.
  3. Jumping castles are truly affordable and memorable
    While event planners do want their event to be memorable, keeping costs in control is often a factor in deciding what jumping castle manufacturer to choose. However, hiring kid’s jumping castles on Monster Ball is a practical and affordable choice, definitely making your event a lot memorable for you, as well!

If you’re planning a kids’ event, there’s no doubt that you’d try to look for ways to deliver the fun to everyone! Your best bet is getting one of Australia’s sought-after jumping castles to let everyone have the fun they want and remember your party for a long time.

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