Get Your Team Out of the Office

When thinking about corporate team activities, bouncy castles might not be the first thing that springs to mind. Perhaps a guest speaker coming to give a motivational speech to the team in the boardroom, or Friday night drinks at the local tavern are the usual ways to bring colleagues together, but why not branch out, and create a truly fun and memorable experience that you, as colleagues, can enjoy together.

1. Get a Bouncy Castle for Hire in Perth

Get a Bouncy Castle for Hire in PerthNo matter your age or professional status within a company, you’ll definitely turn into a big kid once you step foot into a jumping castle, so what better way to break down barriers and entice a team to come together for a shared experience? 

The hardest part of bringing a group of people together is negotiating among the different personalities within the workplace. There will always be people who are naturally more shy and retiring, and others who are natural-born extroverts. The purpose of team bonding is to find a way to bring all these personalities together in an environment outside of the office. It’s important to find something that creates an even playing field – and what better way to get everyone participating at the same level than getting a jumping castle where everyone can simply be a kid and have pure fun?

2. Try Thrilling High Ropes Course

 Thrilling High Ropes CourseAnother idea that can bring staff together is a high ropes course.  This can certainly be a little more challenging than getting a bouncy castle for hire, but if you have a team of highly driven and adventurous personalities, a high ropes course can be a great way to put your colleagues to the test and create a challenge that can be rewarding. By forcing teammates to work together for a common solution, and not relying on set roles and responsibilities, a high ropes course can give staff members an opportunity to have an equal involvement in the task at hand, and elevate their sense of belonging in what may usually be a compartmentalised workplace. 

3. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger HuntA great way to explore the city, but also to encourage colleagues to work together as a team, is a scavenger hunt. This can be a great way to bring people together and find out who are natural-born problem solvers. With cryptic clues and an enticing prize at the end, this can encourage friendly competition while taking everyone’s mind off workplace matters. Just put your thinking cap on, and create a treasure list for each team to seek. The sky is the limit, so don’t be afraid to put some pretty obscure items on the list. The harder the challenge, the more rewarding it will be.

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