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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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The appeal of inflatable water slides is that they are fun to be on all year round. No youngster or adult who’s young at heart can resist climbing, sliding, and bouncing to their heart’s content on such a fun piece of equipment. Moreover, with only light set-up and pack-up required, an inflatable water slide can be installed virtually anywhere as long as there’s enough space. All you’ll need to do is call up a party hire equipment specialist like Monsterball, and you’ll have a backyard assembly that rivals any amusement parks!

But just like any other piece of equipment that’s built for the long haul, an inflatable water slide requires maintenance. Below is a short guide on maintaining inflatable water slides for long-lasting use.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Inflatable Water Slide?

There are two key reasons to prioritise maintenance on an inflatable water slide. They are:

  • Safety. Safety is paramount, especially since small children may be playing on the water slide. We all have to do our part in the upkeep of an inflatable water slide so that no one slips, falls from a height, or gets gravely injured when they are supposed to be having fun.
  • Quality. Regular maintenance ensures that the water slide looks, feels, and performs as if it is brand new. If kept in good condition, happy patrons can use the water slide for many years to come.

Tips on Keeping an Inflatable Water Slide in Top Condition

In the interest of teaching everyone about good maintenance for inflatables, here are Monsterball’s six tips for inflatable water slide care.

  • Mind the water slide’s position and set-up space while inflating. See to it that the water slide has ample space to inflate, and make sure that the air is circulating properly.
  • Release a little air when the weather becomes hot. If you’re inflating the water slide in the morning while the air is still cool, remember that the internal air pressure may expand later in the afternoon. Prevent the buildup of unwanted air pressure by releasing some of the air later in the day.
  • Stop inflating the slide before it gets rigid. If the water slide is inflated until it yields a very stiff bounce, it has a higher risk of being punctured and damaged. Leave just a little room for the inflatable’s walls to give.
  • Clean the surfaces with soap and only store when completely dry. Most inflatable water slides only need a wash with mild soap and water to stay clean. Avoid using oil-based or chlorinated solutions on the surface. Moreover, only put the deflated water slide in storage when it’s completely dry. This way, mould and mildew growth can be prevented, and you won’t have to worry about moisture-related deterioration affecting the equipment.

Looking for an Inflatable Water Slide Perth Company? Monsterball Water Slides Hire Will Not Disappoint!

Monsterball is your best option for water slides and other inflatable rentals in Perth. Our young and dynamic business has been offering premium inflatable products in Western Australia since 2008, and we now have the widest range of inflatable amusement equipment for hire in the state.

All of Monsterball’s equipment are 100% WorkSafe-registered and inspected by licensed engineers. Our commitment to safety is part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. We’ve kept more than 4,000 customers both safe and happy with our best-in-class products. Call us now and hire our services so that you can have a ball of a time!

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