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An Easter tradition all the kids love is an egg hunt. It’s the perfect day to eat lots of chocolate, run around, and just have a good time. If you have a large group of kids and need to set up the perfect Easter egg hunt, we have you covered. 

We’re going to take you through a few tips and tricks on how to plan an Easter egg hunt and how to make sure all kids and adults have fun. 

Remember, this event is for everyone, and whilst there may be a special prize at the end, it’s best to establish a feeling of generosity and friendliness. 

1. Set the egg hunt date

If you’re hosting an egg hunt for a large group of kids it’s best to set a date that works for most of the parent’s schedules. 

Whilst it would be great to have it on Easter Sunday, most families will be doing their own thing on the day. Set the date for Saturday – the day before. If this day doesn’t work, consider hosting the hunt on the preceding Sunday.

2. Choose a great location

Usually, the best place is outside, in a park with lots of room with plenty of places where to hide the eggs. Keep in mind you will likely need a few parents there to keep an eye on the kids. So it’s best to pick a location that can cater to their needs, and offer refreshments. 

If you have a yard big enough, that’s great! If not, the local park is a good option. Check with the council to make sure you can host it there. 

3. Get the supplies 

Okay, so it’s time to go to the store and pick up the eggs. There are a few different types of eggs to choose from, and our favourite is definitely hard boiled eggs. You can also go with chocolate eggs, however, keep in mind they can melt if temperatures are high on the day. 

The number of eggs you purchase will depend largely on how many kids are participating. We think the equivalent of 5 eggs per child is a good number. So, if there are 10 kids, that’s 50 eggs in total. 

Remember to purchase enough baskets for everyone participating in the hunt. They don’t need to be too big, just big enough to carry 5 to 8 eggs.  

4. Time to get arty

For a fun Easter egg hunt, colourful eggs are best! Get some parents around, or even the kids to spend a few hours painting the eggs. 

Bright, vibrant colours are the best as they’ll be easy to spot. If you’re feeling a little devious, paint a couple in neutral or camo colours and hide them in a location that matches their paint.  

5. Organise catering

Before you go out and hide all the eggs, think about catering and refreshments. To begin with, let’s quickly go over what you might need outside of the hunt. 

Make sure to bring plenty of refreshments – cans of soft drinks, cakes, and chocolates are an easy choice. But if you want to opt for healthier options try using fresh fruits and homemade lemonade or ginger beer. 

Bring food for lunch as well, such as salads, snags, bacon, dips, cheese, and so on. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water for everyone so they can stay hydrated.

6. Set some ground rules

For this one, it’s about ensuring everyone has fun. Remember, that ultimately easy egg hunts are for younger kids, so make sure it doesn’t get too competitive. 

If there is a kid who is having trouble finding eggs, encourage others to help them. If two kids find an egg at the same time, decide who gets it through a quick game of scissors, paper, and rock. 

7. Special prizes

It’s great to have a few special prizes on offer too. Perhaps the collector of the most eggs wins the much-desired Golden Egg! 

Fill the Golden Egg with a couple of goodies and treats that they can share with the other kids – remember, everyone deserves to win a little something. 

8. Time to hide the eggs

It’s nearly time! Get together with the other parents and place all the eggs in both easy-to-find and more difficult locations. Think of garden beds, mailboxes, plastic cups, even grandma’s pocket! The list of potential locations is endless. 

Before you set out, remember to count the number of eggs, so that when you do a final count you’ll know exactly how many are still missing. 

If there is still a lot missing, have a second round! If it’s just two or three, find the eggs and award them to the kids that have collected the least. 

9. Time to hunt

Three. Two. One. Hunt! Depending on the scale of the hunt, set a time limit. If there are about 10 kids or so, 20 minutes should be more than enough. For larger groups, increase the time limit by 2 minutes for every extra kid. 

10. Level up your Easter egg hunt

Level up beyond a traditional Easter egg hunt with fun activities and challenges. Keep the kids entertained, even after the egg hunt, with bouncy castles and obstacle courses. 

Planning an egg hunt that lasts more than the usual 30-45 minutes, will help boost attendance and help promote your event the following year. 

At Monsterball, we can help make your egg hunt a memorable one. We have a wide range of inflatable party hires in Perth, such as obstacle courses, water courses, and jumping castles! Request a free quote today or give us a call on 08 9335 5109 for more information.

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