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Ever watched a professional bull rider tame a real bull with nothing but impeccable balance and good grip? While real bulls and mechanical bulls differ vastly in unpredictability, the thrill and challenge of riding both can be equally exhilarating.

Mechanical bulls offer everyday people a chance to emulate those daredevil professional bull riders without facing an actual beast. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to conquer the machine or someone aiming to master the ride, our guide will provide you with the six essential tips to master bull riding.

Bucking Bull


1. Nail your positioning

Sit up straight on the bull, leaning slightly forward. This helps in distributing your weight evenly, preventing unwanted backward tumbles. Next, grip the bull’s handle firmly with your dominant hand, ensuring your knuckles face outward. Your other hand should be raised in the air. This not only maintains your balance but also helps in navigating the bull’s unpredictable movements.

2. Use core strength to maintain balance

Your abdominal muscles play a crucial role in maintaining balance. By tightening your core throughout the ride, you provide a solid base that counters the bull’s jerks and rotations. As a training tip, incorporate exercises like planks, crunches, and leg lifts into your routine to build core strength.

3. Anticipate movements

Before your turn, watch how the mechanical bull moves. Each machine may have its unique quirks and rhythms. Observing prior riders can give you a sense of its motion pattern. The key to a longer ride is to always be prepared for the next move. Feel the shifts and turns and adjust your weight accordingly, predicting the bull’s next move based on its current motion.

4. Incorporate leg techniques

Your legs, especially your thighs, are instrumental in ensuring you stay put. When the bull jerks sideways or spins, clamp down with your thighs to secure yourself. Moreover, keep your toes pointed downward and heels up. This position allows your legs to act like shock absorbers, adjusting to the bull’s rapid movements and giving you more control.

5. Choose the right bull speed

Mastering the art of mechanical bull riding is not just about technique, but also about understanding and selecting the most suitable speed for your skill level. The speed of the bull dictates the challenge. Here’s a guide to help you understand the best speed settings.

Beginner: For those new to mechanical bull riding, a slower pace allows time to get accustomed to the movement, ensuring you can maintain balance without feeling overwhelmed. At a gentler pace, beginners can understand how best to grip the handle and where to position their hands for optimal support.

Intermediate: As you become more comfortable, a moderately faster speed will challenge your reflexes and ability to anticipate the bull’s movements. This is the stage where riders can start practicing techniques like shifting body weight and using leg muscles to grip better.

Advanced: At higher speeds, the bull’s movements are more erratic and forceful. This setting is perfect for riders looking to test their quick decision-making skills and agility. Faster settings are not just about reflexes but also about endurance, as the intensity can wear out riders more quickly.

6. Wear appropriate attire

When stepping up to challenge the mechanical bull, what you wear can significantly influence your performance and, more importantly, your safety. Here are some clothing recommendations that combine both function and comfort, ensuring you’re adequately geared up for the ride.

Footwear: It’s essential to wear shoes that protect your feet. Sneakers or any closed-toe footwear offer grip, comfort, and protection. Avoid high heels, sandals, or flip-flops as they can easily come off. Shoes with a non-slip sole can provide additional grip, helping you maintain your stance on the bull better.

Clothing: Opt for clothes that are snug but not restrictive. Loose or baggy clothing can hinder your movement. Moreover, wear clothing made from durable materials like denim or thick cotton, as they offer a layer of protection when brushing on the bull’s surface.

Avoid accessories: It’s best to remove any necklaces, loose bracelets, or dangling earrings before your ride. These can get tangled in the machinery or snag on parts of the bull, posing a risk

Find your mechanical bull at Monsterball

Are you looking for a mechanical bull rental? At Monsterball, we supply the safest bucking bull hire, equipped with inflatable mats to ensure nobody gets hurt. Enjoy the thrill of bull riding without putting your life in danger!

If you want something a bit different, check out our mechanical surfboard and promo bottle. They offer the same fun as a bucking bull hire Perth machine but with a twist. Get in touch today and receive a free quote for your amusement hire!

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