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If you’ve ever stepped into a padded sumo arena, you know that winning a sumo match isn’t as simple as it seems. Whether it’s a backyard party or a corporate event, everyone wants to come out victorious. But how do you gain an edge over your opponent, especially when you’re both dressed as oversized sumo wrestlers?

Today, we’ll go beyond the comical appearances and get down to the nitty-gritty strategies that can help you become a sumo wrestling champ. We’ll cover everything from basic rules to advanced techniques, arming you with the knowledge you need to dominate your next sumo match.

Basic rules

For those new to sumo suit wrestling or even for seasoned veterans, knowing the basic rules is essential for a fun and fair competition. So, before you step into those hilariously oversized suits, let’s go over the do’s and don’ts.


  1. Start in the ring: Players must begin the match inside the sumo ring. This ensures that both participants have equal footing and space to manoeuvre. The ring is usually a padded mat or a designated area outlined with cones or ropes.
  2. Ready position: It’s crucial to start in a ready position, typically a squatting stance facing each other. This gives both players an equal chance to make their opening move, setting the stage for a balanced match.
  3. Go signal: No player should start wrestling until the referee gives the signal, usually by shouting “Go!” or blowing a whistle. This ensures that the match begins at the same time for both participants, keeping it fair and square.
  4. Push or pin to win: The primary objective in sumo suit wrestling is either to push your opponent out of the ring or pin them on the mat. Tactics vary, but getting your opponent out of bounds or down on the mat counts as a win for the round.


  1. No rough play: Sumo suit wrestling is a game of skill, not brute force. Punching, kicking, or any form of striking is strictly prohibited. Violating this rule could result in immediate disqualification.
  2. Avoid the head: Making contact with your opponent’s head is not allowed. This rule is in place to prevent injuries and to maintain the spirit of friendly competition.
  3. No low blows: Hitting below the belt is not only considered unsportsmanlike but is also strictly prohibited. Anyone caught violating this rule may be disqualified.
  4. Don’t leave the ring: Exiting the designated sumo ring for any reason results in an automatic loss for that round. The boundaries are there for a reason, and respecting them is crucial for fair play.

Techniques & strategies

Sumo suits

Sumo suit wrestling isn’t just about donning a padded suit and charging at your opponent. To gain the upper hand, you’ll need a blend of balance, footwork, and tactical thinking. Below are some key techniques and strategies to consider.


The padded sumo suits makes you top-heavy, so consciously lowering your centre of gravity becomes crucial. By bending your knees slightly and leaning a bit forward, you can resist pushes more effectively and maintain better stability during sudden movements.

It might be tempting to shift your weight forward to drive your opponent back, but this can leave you vulnerable to counter-pushes. Distributing your weight evenly on both feet allows for rapid directional changes and better balance, especially crucial when your opponent tries to sidestep or counter-push you.

While it might seem silly considering you’re in a large, padded sumo suit, engaging your core muscles gives you a marked advantage. A tight core stabilises your spine, improving your overall balance and allowing you to generate force more efficiently during a push.


The design of the sumo suit limits your stride, so forget about taking large steps. Quick, small steps help you adapt to the constantly changing dynamics during a match. It also makes you less predictable, keeping your opponent guessing about your next move.

Often overlooked, pivoting can be a game-changer. If your opponent makes a strong push, a quick pivot can redirect their force and leave them off balance, providing you with an opportunity to push them out of the ring or tip them over.

It’s easy to overlook, but the soles of your feet should maintain maximum contact with the ground. This increases your surface area for better grip, helping you resist pushes and improve your own pushing power.


  • Fake-outs: Deception is a part of many competitive activities, sumo suit wrestling included. A well-executed fake push can induce a reaction that opens up your opponent’s defences. Use this tactic sparingly to maintain its element of surprise.
  • Power push: A sudden, forceful push can unbalance even a well-prepared opponent. Time this push when you notice your opponent is shifting their weight or appears momentarily unfocused. A power push can be especially effective if coupled with excellent footwork to close the distance quickly.
  • Counterattacks: Sometimes the best offence is a good defence. If your opponent charges, you can use their momentum against them. This involves a mix of good footwork to reposition yourself and core strength to redirect their force, effectively turning their attack into your advantage.

Find your sumo gear at Monsterball

Super Hero Suits

If you are looking for a sumo suit hire for your special event, look no further! At Monsterball, we offer a wide range of sumo wrestling suits, from your traditional designs to superhero-themed ones.

We cater to a variety of occasions, including birthday parties, adult parties, and corporate events. Find sumo wrestling suits and more party equipment from our extensive range of amusement hire in Perth.

Contact us to book your party equipment or to request any information regarding our services. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you!

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