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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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Perhaps you’re an office manager but your mind has come to a blank as to what to do this summer for your yearly day out. Don’t panic, we have some great summer corporate event ideas that are going to keep everyone cool and entertained. Put your thinking cap on, and get out the event planner to host the best corporate summer party possible!

Custom water theme park 

Who doesn’t love a good theme park summer party? We sure do. The warm summer is the perfect time to host your very own water world. Throw up an inflatable water slide, our 24ft Dive is sure to be a good time for both kids and adults. It’s a double side, meaning you can have a little competition by racing each other to the bottom. 

24ft Dive

Why not take it a step further and throw in a jumping castle, a velcro fly wall or an axe-throwing board – don’t worry, they’re not sharp! Top it off with a Gladiator Ring where two people duel with a foam pole, and why not blast them with water for extra fun? 

Beach volleyball

So it’s time for the office Olympics and a bit of healthy competition. Why not host a beach volleyball match? Volleyball is a great team-building activity that everyone can join and doesn’t require you to hire a lot of equipment. People will have a blast playing against each other in this great team-bonding exercise. Don’t forget to mix it up, you want to ensure teams are well balanced and have different people play with each other.

Cocktails and ice cream fest

Can’t host a beach party because it’s too far away? Have no fear, there are plenty of ways to host a corporate summer event while keeping everyone cool, and that’s with a cocktail and ice cream fest! The group you’re catering to will obviously have to be of adult age. So if you’re wanting to get your colleagues away from the work desk for a while, this is a perfect way to do so. It’s sure to be a hit. Who doesn’t like ice cream and cocktails? 

There isn’t any reason why this couldn’t be catered to a younger group, just substitute the cocktails for slushies, and you get the same result. 

Ninja warrior style obstacle course

Time to test your mettle! Large groups are going to love obstacle courses. Our Boot Camp Challenge is a great outdoor activity with moving parts, walls to climb, slides and even an attachable pool at the end for a big splash. Time for the participants to turn the course into a fun competition. Why not award the winner with a free dinner afterwards? 

Bootcamp Challenge

Beach cricket

What a catch! Cricket on the beach is perfect for the summer season. Cricket is an Aussie favourite, and the perfect way to have fun with a group of friends. The rules are fairly simple, hit the ball as far as you can and run between the wickets to score points. There are two main ways to get out, and that’s if the wickets get hit, or if you’re caught out. You can either pit teams against each other, or keep it casual and just swap between players. With a fresh swim in the ocean and a bite to eat after, your corporate event is going to be one to remember. 

Throw a beach BBQ

You know what, why not keep it simple? Good food on a beautiful beach can make for a perfect day out. No reason you can’t combine a few different activities, and have a BBQ for lunch. All you need to do is hire a few beach marquees, tables, and a BBQ, and you’re set to go! Just don’t forget the snags, or there will be trouble. 

Discover Monsterball for a great time

We know that hosting an event, especially in the summer period can be hard work. Never fear, that’s what we’re here for. It doesn’t matter if you are a large or small group, you’re guaranteed to have a great time when you go to corporate event hire with Monsterball.

Check out our range of corporate amusement hire products. We have inflatable obstacle courses, jumping castles, gladiator rings, water slides, zorb balls and much more! Our team is going to assist you along the way to ensure everyone has a perfect day. Get in touch with us through our website or by phone on (08) 9335 5109.

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