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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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Are you planning a school event? Hiring activities, finding the right venue, sticking to budget and planning a school event hire – there’s a lot to think about! A little bit of planning goes a long way. Here are our top tips for planning an event everyone will remember.

Pick a Date

Choosing the right date for a school event can be tricky. You need to make sure it won’t clash with any other school events, local events, school holidays or any other competing events. It’s important to do your research so that you can have maximum turn out.

If you’ll be hosting an outdoor event, you’ll need to pick a date that is likely to have good weather. Also consider what time you will hold the event and whether you’ll need sunlight. If you want young families to attend, be sure to finish the event at an appropriate time.

Choose a Venue

When deciding on the ideal venue, think about the type of event you’re hosting, how many people will be attending, what the weather will be like, the type of activities you’ll have and your budget.

Whether you’re hosting the event at school or another location, ensure the venue is accessible for people with disability and parents with prams if young families will be attending. Make sure there are enough toilet facilities for attendees to use and consider if you’ll need access to power.

Gather a Team

You might be the brains behind the event, but you’ll definitely need a team to help you bring it to life. In fact, school events are often a great opportunity for the school community to work together to achieve something great.

Delegate responsibilities based on people’s strengths. Think about all the areas that need covering leading up to and during the event such as finance, risk management, venue, activities and marketing.

Manage the Budget

The budget is a very important part of any school event, especially fundraising events. Afterall, you don’t want to spend more than you fundraise! At the start of the planning process consider how much money should go to each area of the event according to your priorities.

An important step is to set goals for your event. What do you want to achieve? Whether that’s a certain number of ticket sales, an amount you want to fundraise or the number of people that attend, knowing your goals will help you set and stick to your budget.

Plan for Risks

Unfortunately things do go wrong, even with the most careful planning and preparation. It is important to plan for possible risks so that you can prevent or minimise negative outcomes.

Think about risks such as bad weather, schedule mishaps and health and safety issues. For each risk, create a contingency plan for how you will deal with it. Once you have thought about what could go wrong, you can relax knowing everything’s under control, even if things do go wrong.

Organise Fun Activities

Planning might not be that much fun, but the event should be! The best way to ensure everyone is having a good time is to pick great activities. The best activities are always targeted to the audience, providing fun and good memories.

Monsterball offers a wide range of school event hire activities which will help make your event a success. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, school carnival or reward day, students, parents and staff alike will love our inflatable activities.

Here are just some of the favourite activities for school event hire.

Water Slides – If you’re planning a summer school event, water slides are always a hit. We have large slides for the big kids, small slides for the littles and dual racer slides for a bit of competition.

inflatable water slide 24 feet


Obstacle Courses – Get the kids ducking, jumping, climbing and racing through our obstacle courses. We have all sorts of challenges that will keep them entertained for hours.


Tug of War – Our inflatable tug of war puts a modern twist on the classic game. Two players put on helmets and a harness, competing to see who’s fastest and strongest.

bungee tug of war monsterball

Inflatable Basketball Court – Don’t have access to a basketball court, but know your students love the game? Our inflatable basketball court is a fun way to get extra bounce while dribbling and scoring.

kids activities inflatable basket court

Bubble Soccer – Give everyone a hilarious and fun new experience with bubble soccer. Competitors jump inside their very own bubble as they tackle and compete with the other team.

bubble soccer game

Dunk Tank – Everyone’s favourite at school fetes! Watch teachers, students or parents get dropped into a tank of water when someone hits the right spot.

Dunk Tank

High Ropes Course – Add a touch of adventure to your school event with our high ropes course. The whole family can join in swinging, leaping, climbing and flying.

high rope course perth hire

Giant Inflatable Darts – A great game young and old can join in. Kick or throw the balls onto the enormous velcro dart board and see who scores highest.

monsterball giant inflatable dart

Bucking Bull – A classic, the bucking bull is a challenge everyone to stay on top. It comes with a large inflatable base to ensure everyone stays safe.

 Inflatable Bucking Bull Perth

Bouncy Castles – You can’t go wrong with a bouncy castle. We have a huge range of different sizes, styles and types that are guaranteed to provide fun at your event.


Rock Climbing – Our inflatable climbing wall will make your event one to remember. Challenging but satisfying, our 9 metre wall is the only one of its kind in WA!

inflatable climbing wall set up rottnest island

Gladiator – Friends and family members will love going head to head on our gladiator inflatable. Equipped with a helmet and joust each, it’s a duel to see who can stay on the podium the longest.

medium gladiator inflatable kid

Need Activities for a School Event? Hire With Monsterball

Whatever type of school event you’re planning, Monsterball can help make it a success! We have a massive range of inflatable activities to choose from. To see how we can help bring fun and entertainment at your school event, get in touch today.

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