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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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First things first, YOU WON’T ACTUALLY BE COLD! Do we really need to go on any further? Ice skating is a fun experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. It can be a little difficult to balance yourself while skating on frozen water, which is a little daunting too. If you’ve avoided trying to skate because of these reasons then we may have a solution for you! Have you ever heard of a synthetic ice rink? If not then read on, if you have please also read on for some interesting facts you may not know about.

perth hire mobile ice rink_monsterball amusement


What are the benefits of synthetic flooring? As we mentioned before you will not be cold. By not having constant electricity attached to the rink to keep the ice frozen, this is a wonderful economic way to keep everything running smoothly and still allowing the participants to enjoy the ‘wintery feel’.

Before setting up the portable ice rink we must ensure the floor is completely flat (100 % level) to allow each piece to fit into the other. Everything needs to fit together like a puzzle in order for you to feel perfectly safe and for it to look good of course!


The synthetic rink still allows you to feel like you are in a winter wonderland despite it being 30 degrees outside (because we can set it up all year around). Monsterball Amusements & Hire are the exclusive synthetic ice rink providers in Western Australia. We want to make sure you enjoy the experience as much as possible. We provide the skates and gloves and always have a friendly staff member inside the rink to guide you along the way. We spray a mix of glycol and water over the rink to make sure you glide along smoothly.

monsterball amusement mobile ice rink for hire perth - shopping centre

This is best suited for corporate events as you can fit a large amount of children on it at a time. We recommend running sessions between 10-15mins each, this gives everyone enough time to enjoy themselves and get used to the feel of the rink.

We cannot recommend this great unit enough. If you have the budget then it’s absolutely worth it and you can hire one with Monsterball Amusements!

Even professional Hockey players train on synthetic ice rink !

We’ve summarised the main differences between a synthetic rink and a real ice rink so you don’t have to. Read our table below to help you decide which one you prefer.


ElectricityNot required – no cost involvedYes – requires a constant source- increases costs
RefrigerationNot required – no cost involvedYes – a constant source to keep the surface cold
ResurfacingNot required – until the end of the dayYes – every few hours to keep the surface level
Level SurfaceYes – Level flooringNo – After plenty of use the blades cut through the ice making it uneven
Cold, wet, icy?No – you can skate in shorts! Great for every seasonYes – bring your jumper and gloves!


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