Stunt Jump

Perform a free fall stunt jump just like the movie professionals with the latest thrilling ride available for hire from Monsterball amusements.

Take the plunge from a 3.3-metre-high platform or opt for the thrill of the gravity testing 7m platform to experience free fall without the fear of being injured.

If you?re an action movie fan, you?ll have seen this staple stunt in almost every film you’ve ever watched! If you thought it looked like fun, you can now find out.

Before you jump, our trained instructor will take you through some safety precautions and teach you how to fall with style.

All jumps are closely supervised to ensure a safe and controlled experience that will have you lining up for more.

You will fall onto a specially designed landing pad, also known as a safety crash mat. The mat cushions your fall and absorbs any impact from landing. It’s the same type of landing mat that professional trapeze artists use to ensure their safety.

  • Private or Corporate Hire Available: Price on request
  • Operations: Must be supervised, operators are available for $55 + GST per hr
Stunt Jump hire is one of the latest party crazes with the activity suited to ages from as young as 4-years (smaller platform) to the 3.3 and 7m high platforms for adult stunt jump enthusiasts. Combine this ride in a package with other Monsterball inflatable amusements such as an obstacle course, slides or bouncy castle (kids and adult sizes) to cater for all your party guests. Hire this equipment or add it to a package today.  
  • Dimensions: 18m L x 12m W x 8m H
  • Ages: From 4 years old (small platform)
  • Capacity: 1 people at a time approx 40 per hour
  • Access: Drive in access required
  • Power: 2x 10Amp power point, can be on circuit within 20m, generator available
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