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Fundraising for clubs is incredibly important. It ensures the cost of running the club remains low and keeps the price of member fees down. Fundraising can also raise money to add new facilities to the club.

These facilities may include building renovations, sports equipment, or even a fun night out for the grand final winners! Fundraising events are also a great way to engage with the community and advertise your club to potential new members or supporters.

Club members are a great place to start with. Creating simple fundraising efforts such as games nights or chase the ace, can be quite effective. However, there are some better ideas to help raise funds, such as sponsors and engaging with the community. Read the rest of this post for some great fundraising ideas for sports clubs. 

1. Quiz Night

Fundraising ideas for sports clubs don’t always have to be about the sport. Quiz nights are an oldie, but a goldie. Who doesn’t love a good quiz night? They are very reliable, and an easy way to raise money for the club and its members.

All you need is a location large enough to accommodate several teams, some prizes, and food/beverages to get the night rolling. If your club has a bar, look no further for the perfect location! You can save money by hosting it inhouse and members will not have a hard time finding the place. Quiz nights also attract participants from outside the club, thus boosting your fundraising efforts. 

2. Find a Sponsor

Sponsors are a major source of revenue for clubs. Without sponsors, most clubs would not be able to stay afloat. There are many ways local businesses can sponsor or support your club. They can have promotional deals with the club, where the team may go for dinners with a discount, or in the form of logos on the team’s uniform. Other ideas include the logo appearing on your team’s website or even pitch-side boards. 

The power of social media can also be utilised by sports clubs. Showing the sponsors’ logos, advertising where appropriate, and regular shoutouts are definitely appealing to brands looking to sponsor a club. 

3. Hire your Facilities 

Do you have any facilities that the local community would be interested in? From halls to fields, you can rent out the club’s facilities to interested parties. There are many things you can rent out, so be creative and advertise accordingly! 

4. Car Wash

A great way for your sports team to raise funds in summer is a car wash. Your team members and fellow volunteers can work together to wash cars. For a small fee, community members and fellow team members can enjoy a sparkly clean car. Through word of mouth and some social media advertising, people in the community can find out about the car wash. 

Car washes are a great way to raise money, however, they require some equipment and volunteer effort. Make sure you have all of your cleaning supplies on hand, and lots of volunteers to be as effective as possible. With some elbow grease, and a small budget, it is a great fundraising idea for sports clubs. 

5. Club Events

Club events are a great way to bring the community to your club and encourage them to spend some money. They can happen any time of the year, although for outside events, we suggest summer or spring. You can hold a variety of events – including summer barbecues, Christmas themed events, or a general fun day for the grown-up kids.

There are some fun activities you can do during these events. These include tug of war between sports clubs, the sport your club plays, three legged races, or anything else you can think of for a small fee!

6. Family Fun Day

Another great way to support your cause is having a family fun day. It keeps families entertained, leaving no excuses for team members not to come! 

Family fun days can be simple as organising a few fun activities and hiring rides and other fun equipment. Search for bouncy castle hire, obstacle course and inflatable slide hire. They are perfect for any age, from children right through to adults!

Monsterball has some amazing options for family fun days that can please anyone, from themed bouncy castles to inflatable water slides and obstacle courses! There are so many fun options to choose from, including a giant 28ft dual lane drop water slide!


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