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Looking for kids’ party ideas? Have we got just the party-planning checklist for you! Whether it is their third or thirteenth birthday, you can make it a special day filled with fun and laughter. With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll surely plan a day that your child will remember for years to come. Keep on scrolling for kids’ party ideas that will work for a range of ages and budgets.


1. Throw a Themed Party

Having a theme for the party will help you plan things more easily. Favourite books and movies are great places to find inspiration for kids’ party ideas. Party guests can also attend dressed up according to the theme for some cool party pictures! We’ve got some great inflatable amusements for kids’ party hire that are sure to entertain. From Disney Princess and Alien Invasion themed bouncy castles to Zorb Balls and Giant Inflatable Darts, there’s a huge selection to choose from!

2. Bring On The Bunting!

Once you decide on a theme, it’s time to decorate! Pick colours and items that will tie well into the theme of the party. Make sure to enlist the help of the birthday child when decorating. They will love being a part of the “planning committee” as you spend quality time together decorating the party venue.

3. Birthday Cake

It’s not a kids’ birthday party without a birthday cake! If you are baking one, you can hop on Pinterest and search “themed cake kids’ party ideas” for some inspiration. If you are not too keen on baking a whole cake, consider making a birthday cupcake tower instead. Find out if any of the guests attending have food intolerances and offer allergy-friendly cupcakes on one of the tower tiers.

4. Party Games

Party games are one of the best kids’ party ideas that every birthday celebration should have. Hiring a bouncy castle gives you a great starting point from which to plan more fun games. You can throw a bag of plastic balls into the inflatable and let the kids run wild. Or host a game of dodge ball, silent disco, and tag within the bouncy castle walls! This is a great way to make sure kids are entertained and using up that cake-fuelled energy! We have a range of bouncy castles appropriate for both younger children and older kids. But don’t let the children have all the fun – adults can have a bounce too!

5. Food

Choosing party food can be as simple or fancy as you like. You can decorate the food to fit the party theme, or just order a few pizzas! For larger numbers of guests, you can always look at catering options or request that each family brings a dish to share. Make sure to check if any of the guests have allergies and provide safer food alternatives if so. You can also prepare some party bags for younger children filled with lollies, toys, and any party craft items that they make to take home.

6. Low-supervision Activities

Coming up with engaging kids’ party ideas as a party host can be very tiring. However, you don’t have to keep everybody entertained the whole time! Younger children will be delighted by live entertainment like clowns, magicians, or a life-size cartoon character of their choice. Make sure to check out our Partners & Deals page for a selection of reliable party entertainers that we have happily worked with over the years. Alternatively, you can simply put a movie on for all the kids in the living room and sneak off to the kitchen with a slice of birthday cake. Or lay out some classic board and card games according to your child’s interests and have a few moments to yourself.

7. Music Playlist

Let your child be in charge of the birthday party music playlist. Simply check for any inappropriate music that should be excluded from a kid\-friendly event. Also, music doesn’t just have to be in the background. Link up the playlist to a good speaker and throw everyone a disco party!

8. Birthday Invitations

Younger children will enjoy decorating some personal birthday invitations for their party guests. It can be a fun afternoon craft activity that you do together while getting excited for the big day. Older children might prefer setting up a Facebook page or similar online invitation. This is an easy way to share updates and pictures after the event.

9. Photo Booth

Pictures are a fantastic way to remember those great moments (and save those kids’ party ideas for next time!). Set up a DIY Photo Booth complete with dress-up items and fun props! Decorate the space with streamers or a creative backdrop for some awesome pictures and memories.

10. Prepare The Venue

If you are hosting the birthday party at home, you want to make sure that any valuables or fragile items are put away or kept safe from being damaged. It’s a good idea to usher guests to a designated party area as soon as they arrive. And all you have to do after all this planning is to get excited for a day that your child will remember for years to come!

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