This is a synthetic ice skating surface with a scientifically engineered density

Ice Rink

Ice Rink Hire Perth | Monsterball Amusement Hire

Ice Rink Hire Perth

Our synthetic ice rink for hire mimics the surface of real ice without the cost of refrigeration or natural ice maintenance. This means that everyone can get their skates on at any time of the year! 

The synthetic ice rink has a special surface, one with a scientifically engineered density and make-up that allows skate blades to glide as smoothly as they do on real ice. How cool is that?

The modular rink can accommodate up to 25 skaters at a time, and can be assembled into any size or shape that is just right for your event. Built for skaters aged 5 and above, our rink is perfect for putting on ice shows, product promotions, public skating, and all sorts of other fun events. 

Monsterball’s ice rink hire services include setup and pack down, as well as a minimum of 2 operators. All you need is a level surface that is sheltered from the weather (i.e. indoors or under a marquee), 2 x 10amp power points (we’ve got a generator too!), and a clear accessible path for our delivery truck and container.

Portable, modular, and energy efficient, this makes ours the ideal ice rink for hire in Perth. Get in touch with our team at Monsterball to secure yours today! 

Portable Ice Rink

Recent advances in technology of artificial ice rinks give a true “Skate like ice” surface suitable for all…

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