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Looking for some fun birthday party ideas?

Forget the stress of thinking up novelty games, here are some high energy activities, ideal for boys or girls, men and women, that can make planning your next birthday party a breeze.

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5 Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Superhero Theme

Kids will love this party idea as they get to dress up for the day and pretend to be their favourite superhero. Guests and friends will have plenty of fun getting into the theme and playing together in epic imaginary battles. Decorating your party for a superhero theme is also easy, as party suppliers stock a wide range of decorations for popular characters.
Hiring a superhero themed bouncy castle can make it an extra special day. Bouncy castles are great for all ages and kids will love coming back to the castle when they aren’t running around enjoying the party. Another highlight for the party can be a surprise appearance from your kid’s favourite superhero, especially if they stage an entertaining fight.

Scavenger Hunt

Why not organise an amazing scavenger hunt? Kids can start by getting into pairs or teams and then find their way around the house and backyard by following clues on a map. Interesting puzzles and games can also be added along the way for an added challenge.

The scavenger hunt can be organised around a theme such as pirates looking for treasure or having teams collect objects of a certain colour. This party idea is versatile and can be as small or as big as you like, with prizes along the way such as lollies or a big prize at the end.
Kids will love working together with their friends and using their initiative to solve the mystery. Asking kids to come dressed in costume or primary colours can make the day more fun and let them feel like part of a team.

Water Fight
Kid playing in water

Take advantage of a sunny birthday in summer with a wet and wild party. Kids can use balloons and water guns in an all-out water fight or split into teams for games like capture the flag. A super-sized waterslide can be a great addition and will add a lot of fun to the ‘battlegrounds’. Kids will love chasing their friends and running around outside and afterward they can still race each other down the waterslide.
Local parks are the perfect place for this party idea, as they have plenty of space for kids to run around and get wet. If you are planning to set up in the park, a small generator can provide power away from home. But for those who prefer the backyard smaller waterslides are also available.

Carnival Party

Let kids experience the magic of the circus with a carnival themed party. Preparing for this party is easy, with a lot of opportunities for DIY decoration. Many popular circus games can be recreated, such as ring toss, knocking cans down or throwing a ball into a cup. The best part is kids can have as many tries as they like.

No carnival is complete without face painting. Parents or family members can put their skills to use, or you can also hire an expert. Other performers such as clowns and magicians fit well with the carnival theme and can entertain kids with balloon animals and other tricks. Don’t forget the food. Fairy floss, popcorn and lollies are just some of the carnival themed goodies you can have for the kids and which also make good prizes.

Sports Day

If your kids love playing sports and games, then a fun sports themed party is the perfect idea. This theme is a great opportunity for a friendly competition and you can organise your party around popular favourites like the egg and spoon or three-legged race.

Adding an inflatable sports attraction to the party can also be a great surprise. Party guests can test their aim as they throw or kick a Velcro covered ball at an oversized dartboard or try their hand at pitching, using the baseball game on the back of the board. You can also give out prizes for the high score or try and see who can hit the bulls-eye first.

inflatable sport dart monsterball
6 Birthday Ideas for Teens

As your kids grow older it can get harder to impress them. By the time they hit the teenage years, it might even seem impossible! Luckily, there are plenty of great party activities your teens will love and which make planning a birthday or celebration a breeze.

Check out these six, awesome activities that will make your teen’s next birthday a piece of cake:


Bowling Work Christmas Party | Mosterball Amusement Hire Young friends at the bowling alley[/caption]

Who doesn’t love bowling, seriously. It’s great for both boys and girls. And it gives the adults an excuse to get involved and be way to competitive. A lot of bowling centers combine many of our suggestions so you could do Karaoke, Bowling,Laser Tag and Arcade Machines all in 1 place.


Karaoke is the perfect choice for teenagers that like to sing and dance. They’ll love the chance to be silly and sing along with their friends and as soon as the music starts going everyone will want to have a go. Many karaoke machines are also portable ‘all-in-one’ units, making set up and pack up easy. You can do it at home or go to a dedicated karaoke room.

Arcade Hire

Arcade games are a great addition to the party. Teenagers can play against each other in friendly competitions, in teams or on their own. Various game styles are available including racing games, air hockey, foosball and pinball. Many rental companies also allow overnight hire, meaning guests at the party can enjoy playing throughout the night and won’t mind taking turns.

Arcade Machine for Birthday Party
Arts and Crafts

All you need are craft materials and a fun location for this DIY activity. Creative teenagers will love making handmade crafts with their friends. Cupcakes, clothes and picture frames are just some of the great ideas for guests to design and create. Teens can take pictures of what they’ve made and will end up with a great gift to take home.


Go karting birthday party
Visiting a go-kart track with friends is an exciting birthday experience that’s sure to be a winner. Drivers will be fully looked after by staff as they settle into their go-kart, then start racing laps around the track. This activity is a lot of fun for everyone and there’s even room for mum and dad to have a go! Bookings for the track usually last about an hour, but then there’s plenty of time for food or cake.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is another great group birthday activity. Players are divided into teams and then battle against each other to score points in a laser skirmish. If the group is small enough they can even form their own birthday team. Laser tag facilities are fully equipped for birthday parties with food, drinks and games. Teenagers will love running around with friends and trying to get the best score.

Which activity will you choose for your teen’s birthday? Let us know in the comments below.

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