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Monsterball Amusements & Hire

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Team Building, Reasons you should hire an inflatable amusement for your next team building exercises

First of all we need to discuss what team building is all about and why it is such an important part of the work and school culture. Being a part of a team means working together with a group of people to achieve the same goal. Communication is going to determine whether or not the team will be successful in completing these tasks. Communication is probably the single most important thing in the world, no matter what situation whether it’s personal or professional.

If there are activities that can help improve this skill, then it is worth investing your time and money into it to help the growth of your team.


What kind of inflatable unit can help you with teamwork and communication? We think Bubble Soccer is a perfect example for this. Soccer is known as ‘The World Game’ everyone knows what it is and the basic rules, kick to each other till you score a goal (we know there is a lot more work involved).

bubble soccer game with funny referal

One day two guys from Norway had the idea to throw on a blow up bubble suit and kick the ball while running around in it! Crazy when you think about it, but when you actually play it you will be thanking them for their joke sport that became a global phenomenon.

The concept of Bubble Soccer is simple, because you are covered in a giant bubble your chances of getting hurt is a lot less. It also means you are more likely to run into and roll onto your friends on purpose because you know they won’t get hurt. Playing any team sport requires each player to talk to the other to achieve the ‘goal.’

Whether you decide to play an actual game of soccer whilst wearing the suits or if you’re just going to kick the ball around and run into each other, we can guarantee that you will be communicating in some way or another.


More and more emphasis is put on taking care of your physical health, especially with the rise of obesity in the world, Australia being no exception.

If you choose something like Monsterball Amusements & Hire Monster Ultimate Challenge obstacle course you will definitely be testing your physical limits.

side view monster ultimate challenge inflatable obstacle course

This obstacle course made up of different units put together spans 60m long! How insane is that? Bet you didn’t think there were inflatables like that right? We think obstacle courses are a great idea for end of year fun days at schools, or even corporate family days and events.

Each unit has different obstacles for you to crawl through, jump, run, climb and finally slide down. You will be puffing and panting if you try and race your friends, but that all adds to the positive atmosphere.

perth_jumping castle_monsterball

Waiting in line for your turn is also a valuable life skill, patience does not come naturally for everyone. Jumping on a giant inflatable is also considered as low impact cardio exercises. This means your likelihood of getting injured in your knees, ankles or hips is a lot less.

The motion of jumping is still increasing your heart rate and improving your breathing in the long run. Running through an obstacle course is also good for balance and hand eye coordination. You need to use both of these when trying to climb up the wall to go down the slide. We would highly recommend hiring out an obstacle course, it will add to the positive vibes you are trying to create for your team. It can also be enjoyed by children and adults alike so it would suit a corporate team building activity for sure.


Who doesn’t want to have fun? The positive vibes you feel within yourself can actually be explained by serotonin which in the common tongue means ‘happy hormone.’ Feeling good about yourself is an excellent step towards positive mental health. Being healthy in your mind is just as if not more important than physical health. If you are an adult going on a giant inflatable slide or even water slide for that matter, wouldn’t you feel like a child again? Feeling like a child again can bring out the blissful emotions associated without having a care in the world. All that matters for that moment is jumping and sliding down the inflatable. Check out this article talking about the many mental health benefits of even a little bit of exercise can do for your body and mind.

inflatable bouncy boxing for hire monsterball

A unique piece of equipment that will bring back childhood memories is the Bouncy Boxing Ring! You put on a pair of giant boxing gloves and jump into the ring with your best friend and start your rounds. This is encouraging a bit of healthy competition and to use this inflatable as a team building exercise you could have teams tagging in and out of the ring between rounds.

Monsterball Amusements & Hire has a huge range of other sport inflatables that can be enjoyed by all ages.

We hope you are thoroughly convinced that inflatables can in fact enhance your team building activities.

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