Get on a roll with the ultimate in Zorb ball fun.

Zorb Balls

You have probably seen them on TV or at a special event we have been hosting.

Monsterballs are a unique experience! Jump in the giant Zorb ball and roll around like a hampster!

Use your legs to run as fast as you can to keep moving around, you can roll around on the inside and try and bump into your friends!

Dry or Wet Zorb balls have fast grown in popularity and you can control how much fun you have with them!

Just hop in and let yourself roll in a comfortable zorbing ball!!

Monsterball – Land Zorb Balls

We have the only Monsterballs in Perth! Seen them on TV? Always wanted to run around like a…

Monsterball – Water Zorb Balls

Everyone loves our famous Monsterball..We've taken the Zorb balls to the next level!!! We set up the water…

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